E-Utilities by entrezpy

Entrezpy assembles POST parameters [1], [2], creates the correspondong requests to interact with the E-Utilities, and reads the received responses. Entrezpy implements E-Utility functions as queries consisting of at least one request:

 |               |
 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
 |     | |     | |
 +-----+ +-----+ +
    R0     R1    R2
     \     |     /

The example depicts the relation between a query and requests in Entrepy. The example query consists of 9 data records. Using a request size of 4 data records, Entrezpy resolves this query using two requests (R0 - R1) with the given size and adjusts the size of the last query (R2).

Each query passes all request and responses through the same instance of its corresponding entrezpy.base.analyzer.EutilsAnalyzer. The analyzer can be passed as argument to each entrezpy query. Each request is analyzed as soon as it is received. The analzyer base class entrezpy.base.analyzer.EutilsAnalyzer can be inherited and adjusted for specific formats or tasks

Entrezpy offers default analzyers, but most likely you want, or have to, implement a specific Efetche analzyer. You can use entrezpy.efetch.efetch_analyzer.EfetchAnalyzer as template.